Possibility of Parent Connection #PedComplexCare

As we continue to join forces within the Pediatric Complex Care Association to address our challenges, including our young adult placements when they age out of our facilities, do we want to consider helping our families connect within our states and across the nation?

Connecting our parents now could help our association advocate with a bigger voice at state and national levels, as well as connect with families after they leave us to collect data.

One idea is to set up a forum/email thread similar to this google group we use to connect, get feedback from each other and get our questions answered.

Can you please answer these questions or pass them to someone in your organization that might be able to help:

1. Outside of the google group for parents, are there other ideas?
2. If the association set up a system to connect families, would your facility promote it to your current and future families?

BobbiJo Pansier, CCLS, CTRS
Therapy Supervisor, Long Term Care
Children’s Specialized Hospital
Toms River, NJ

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