Collecting & Reporting Data #PedComplexCare

With solid results from our 2015 benchmark pilot study, PCCA is looking to increase our ability collecting from and reporting back this data to you. If your organization has expertise in software solutions or outsourced services you utilize, we would welcome learning more about those solutions through our Membership so we can make the best investment in this work.

While we work on an Executive Summary for last year, attached are the 2015 Q4 results to share with your teams. If needed, a blank pdf copy of the Q4 survey collection tool is still listed on our website on the Clinical & Research page.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,
Linda, Fran, Judy & Lisa

Linda Mosiello, RN, MS, C-NE, LNHA
Sunshine Children’s Home & Rehab Center, NY

Fran Darlington, MHA, RN
Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, VA

Judy M. Potter, LNHA, MAS, RN
Children’s Specialized Hospital, NJ

Lisa Bierly, Executive Director
Pediatric Complex Care Association

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